the power of ONE

Patrick Charles Berf
Patrick Charles Berg

the power of ONE.
you didn’t have to know him,
you don’t have to know his parents,
his siblings, cousins, friends, grandparents, uncles or aunts.
but, while reading this,
you know the power of ONE.
ONE hopeful baby born into a family who had lost hope,
ONE very sensitive little boy who knew how to soothe with a smile, a silly joke, a gentle rub of your arm, and later,
ONE “ridiculously intelligent” young man who could make your day with a quick phone call, a text, a hug.
ONE kind word, gesture, act, umbrella, Walk, post, donation…
ONE song that happens to play just when you’re about to post about his legacy.
noochie, because you lived, i will LIVE even harder…
#NoochieRAKs now in 19 states, mexico, uk and the netherlands.
the power of ONE.❤️

One Republic “I Lived”:

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