Patrick Charles Berf
Patrick Charles Berg “Noochie”

(This was originally posted to Facebook on Thursday, July 23, 2015)

Today we say goodbye to our sweet Noochie, although I believe he is not really gone…

“Nothing, in fact, actually dies: everything goes on existing, always. No power on earth can obliterate that which has once had being. Every act, every word, every form, every thought falls into the universal ocean of things, and produces a ripple on its surface that goes on enlarging beyond the furthest bounds of eternity.” ~Theophile Gautier

Patrick Charles “Noochie” Berg literally showed me that your heart can mend after it’s been broken into a million little pieces. It cannot only mend, it can become stronger and even more full of love.

As I struggle to think of what I can do to help his parents, my sister, Bridget, and my (always) brother-in-law, Pete, I’ve decided to rally even more in my search for answers and advocacy with the AFSP and also in my quest to Be Kind in their son’s honor.

So, today…I’m going to ask my kids if they’d like to join me in some “Noochie” Random Acts of Kindness…nothing big…a smile, holding a door, a kind word, a hug, a gift card to someone in need, etc. But, when they do it, I want them to think of the love they felt for and received from Noochie. I will do the same. His love lives on forever.

Many friends have asked what they can do for his parents and family…perhaps we can all celebrate his life with NoochieRAK’s today, over the next few days, weeks, years, etc.? That’s the thing about a beautiful life, love and the ripple effect…it goes on forever…❤️ #NoochieRandomActsofKindness #NoochieRAKs #lovemynephew #cousinlove

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