about me

imagei am MOM! to three | wife | daughter | sister | friend | counselor | student | beginning writer | suicide prevention advocate | kindness activist

over the last five years, i have experienced several significant losses. i have found that writing has helped me reflect, remember and process these losses in a creative and constructive manner. to be clear, this blog is not all about loss; it is not all doom and gloom. it’s also about the bright lights that appeared in my darkest moments. it’s about building connections and the power of hope and loving kindness.

a little background on why i started this blog…as i started sharing my writings with some of my closest friends, i was encouraged to share some of the pieces in a more public forum. i am still “tweaking” my writing style, as i tend to write as though i’m speaking with my closest friends. regardless of whether or not one can follow my relationships to the many cast of “characters” in my life, the themes are universal.

these short stories, scenes and random thoughts are about my upbringing, my family, my lifelong and newfound friends, dealing with loss, the grieving process, and the power of kindness (those i have received and those i have given).

i hope to ultimately share these stories/memories/ramblings with my kids. in the meantime, writing and sharing is incredibly healing and, if this blog helps build a connection with just one person who may have experienced a similar thought or story, that would be a very cool added bonus.

i keep it simple. i try not to swear (this is difficult for me). i am still learning.

and, i constantly have the following mantra(s) playing in my head…

there is hope | kindness matters | life is worth living | i am choosing grace*


*in loving memory of my brother, Brian, my step-father, John, and my nephew, Patrick…i will always raise my hopeful voice.❤

2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Just received one of your RAK treats, thank you! I was at POSH in Southport, CT, my favorite place for a pedicure. I am also the chairperson for Donate Life CT Gala, Dance for Donation. I asked if they could kindly give me a donation for our silent auction. They generously gave me 4 gift certificates for manicures. They also gave me a 5th, a RAK form you. Know that your gift is greatly appreciated and I will pay it forward. XO, Terrie

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