365 Acts of Kindness


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Kindness Project FAQ’s:

  • What are the goals of the #365ActsofKindness project?
    • To complete 365 random and not-so-random acts of kindness throughout the year
    • To help make people feel less alone
    • To bring awareness to suicide prevention, a cause that is of utmost importance to me, my family and many, many others
  • What are some examples of Acts of Kindness?
    • Smile at a stranger
    • Holding the door for someone
    • Writing a note and putting it in my children’s lunchbox
    • Giving someone a compliment
    • Paying for a person’s coffee at Starbucks
    • Recycling, Reusing, Repurposing
    • Thanking our kids’ teachers
    • Donating to a favorite cause
    • There are so many more – many of which do not cost a cent!
  • Why post about this?
    Many people do nice things every day, multiple times a day and don’t ever feel like they need to announce it. This is true for me too! However, the kindness communities to which I belong, emphasize the importance of sharing this information as these acts inspire others to take action. Also, it’s easy to forget sometimes that there is so much goodness in the world…who doesn’t like to see a little good news every once in a while?
  • Where will the completed Acts of Kindness be posted?
     In an effort to spread the kindness and not overwhelm one social media platform (or your newsfeed), I will post updates on Facebook (either my page or the NoochieRAKs community page), Twitter and occasionally update this blog site. I will also try to organize the information by using the hashtags: #365ActsofKindness and/or #NoochieRAKs
  • How often will the Acts of Kindness be posted?
    I really have no idea how often I’ll be able to complete these Acts of Kindness. There may be days when I accomplish one-two a day, but may be there days when I don’t have any acts of kindness. Another reason that I think posting about this will keep me honest and motivated.
  • Where did you get the idea for the #365ActsofKindness Project?
    There are many similar projects taking place all over the world that have inspired me. However, I was the lucky recipient of an Act of Kindness (#353, I think) from Rachelle Jervis, AFSP Regional Director. Following her 365 Acts journey and then receiving her act of kindness were huge gifts that arrived at just the right time. Lastly, I am inspired by MANY (you know who you are!) friends and family who have completely surrounded me with love and grace throughout my life, and especially over the last six months.

Here’s the running list of Acts of Kindness (updated 12/31/2016):

#365. Delivered a letter of gratitude and an Irish blessing to the owners of The Castle.

#364. Delivered flowers to a woman at the bagel shop because she is SO sweet to us.

#363. Created one-of-a-kind artwork for my brother-in-law.

#362. Smiled and said “Good Morning” to everyone I passed while on morning walk.
#361. Donated to GoFundMe for an education fund.
#360. Did a secret act of kindness for someone.*
#359. Smiled at everyone I saw today.*
#358. Dropped off a couple of gift cards with our favorite Stop and Shop folks
#357. Wrote a letter for Girls Love Mail.
#356. Left a note for someone (Brian).*
#355. Left goodies for mailman.*
#354. Gave stickers to a teacher to pass out to kids in line.*
#353. Paid for the person behind me at Starbucks.*
#352. Fed the birds.*
#351. Just relaxed. (Act of kindness for self)
#350. Complimented a friend. *
#349. Made a donation to St. Jude’s.
#348. Left a little cash for some popcorn at a DVD rental kiosk. *
#347. Baked cookies and delivered to our town’s police and firefighters. *
#346. Did a household chore for a family member (took out trash).*
#345. Sent a donation to the animal shelter (where we adopted Jack). *
#344. Taped change to a vending machine (actually enlisted the help of someone to do that the job!)*
#343. Called a friend who lives far-away to say hello.
#342. Candy-cane bombed a parking lot.*
#341. Bought coffee (Starbucks gift card) for a teacher.
#340. Let someone ahead of me in (car) line.*
#339. Delivered food to our local food pantry (Operation Hope)
#338. Delivered W flag to Jimmy, the lifelong Cubs fan (in Fairfield, CT!)
#337. Made a Hug coupon for my family members.
#336. Told a silly joke to a friend.*
#335. Donated toys (for Christmas) for a girl and a boy to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission.*
#334. Brought dinner to a family who needed a little extra helping hand.*
#333. Picked up trash.*
#332. Sent a Christmas card to a soldier.*
*inspired by the RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) Advent Calendar.
#331. Helped a neighbor with immigration papers.
#330. Random Acts of Kindness (donation) for AFSP Overnight Walker who needs help making her goal.
#329. Picked up trash in parking lot.
#328. Shopped and remained loyal to our favorite small businesses.
#327. Picked up a donation ornament at church for Target gift card. (Picked up and dropped off card the following week)
#326. Made a donation at CATS.
#325. Packed up and shipped boxes for Ghana Project at children’s school. 
#324. Made dressing for 40 people for school feast.
#323. Bought presents for children in Ghana (Global Partnerships/Kindness Crew)
#322. Put up Gratitude Wall at children’s school for our kindness crew.
#321. Gave a nice tip for a delivery man who had to deliver food in COLD and windy temps.
#320. Picked up little Christmas trees that fell  (and people stepped over/around) at Target.
#319. Donated a blanket for a special collection.
#318. Supported a teacher and her classroom in Chicago.
#317.  Brought dinner to a friend.
#316. Supported a small business owner.
#315. Packed up items for Project from the Heart for soldiers overseas.
#314. ElectionDay RAKs: gave to a guy who was handing out coupons for local pizza place.
#313. ElectionDay RAKs: gave a little bag to a person campaigning outside.
#312. ElectionDay RAKs: gave a little bag to a person who was walking in to vote.
#311. ElectionDay RAKs: gave a little bag to a person who was walking in to vote.
#310. ElectionDay RAKs: gave a little bag to a person campaigning outside.
#309. ElectionDay RAKs: gave a little bag to a person campaigning outside.
#308. ElectionDay RAKs: gave a bag to another election volunteer.
#307. ElectionDay RAKs: gave a bag to one of the election volunteers checking us in.
#306. ElectionDay RAKs: gave the little bag to someone in line behind us and ahead of us.
#305. ElectionDay RAKs: tried to give it to a woman in line ahead of us (she didn’t accept, but did accept Starbucks card!)
#304. Ordered a Cubs World Champions souvenir for a local pizza delivery man, who has followed the Cubs for many, many years.
#303. Sent a small gift to a friend just because…
#302. Returned a woman’s shopping cart while I was on my way back with mine.
#301. Donated leftover Halloween candy to troops serving overseas.
#300.Vanessa Rich fund donation.
#299. Picked up garbage and re-shelved some items that had fallen on the floor at Stop and Shop.
#298. “Booed” several neighbors with kids in our little ‘hood.
#297. Held the door for a bunch of people (important to note: EVERY one said, “Thank you!).
#296. Sent a small token of appreciation to a friend.
#295. Brought a dinner to a family.
#294. Sent a thank you note.
#293. Helped out with kindness challenges at kids’ school.
#292. Pushed (another) random cart back to store.
#291. Left a YAB sticker with a note on a car in parking lot with “Stella” (my late grandma’s name) license plate.
#290. Volunteered at kids’ school.
#289. Sent a note of encouragement to a friend.
#288. Gave a nice tip to some delivery men.
#287. Pushed a cart in parking lot back into store.
#286. Gave an uber driver a nice tip.
#285. Let an aggressive driver go ahead of me in traffic (and did not honk/swear)
#284. Spent several hours on prep/planning for kindness initiative at kids’ school.
#283. Let a spider go…😱
#282. Did not charge for a college counseling session.
#281. Made a donation to a special cause.
#280. Donated clothing to Good Will.
#279. Gave our puppy a much-needed bath.
#278. Held the door for several people.
#277. Complimented a stranger.
#276. Raised money, recruited teammates and Walk for AFSP OOTDW.
#275. Bought DQ ice creams for person behind us in line (a neighbor we don’t know very well).
#274. Picked up a bunch of fabric softener sheets that were all over laundry room floor.
#273. Re-shelved some items that fell on ground.
#272. Volunteered at school event.
#271. Returned a couple of shopping carts in parking lot at BJ’s
#270. Smiled at everyone I walked passed in airport
#269. Let dogs sleep on sofa all night.
#268. Gave a compliment to a stranger.
#267. Gave a nice tip to delivery man
#266. Took some political campaign materials from a solicitor
#265. Paid for teenager behind us at 16 Handles.
#264. Sent a card to a friend.
#263. Made a donation to an important cause.
#262. Served at 7am mass (it’s hard, but worth it!).
#261. Let someone in at traffic stop.
#260. Picked up a piece of garbage on playground.
#259. Helped a student with a class project (Missouri).
#258. Sent a note of encouragement to a wonderful friend.
#257. Shared some great laughs with a friend through new technology😂
#256. Wrote a thank you note.
#255. Made a donation for a special cause.
#254. Picked up garbage on stairs before class.
#253. Prepped for kindness project at kids’ school.
#252. Gave a $5 Starbucks card to barrista to pay forward.
#251. Wrote another letter for TWNMLL
#250. Wrote a letter for TWNMLL
#249. Smiled and said good morning to a LOT of people this morning.
#248. Wrote a thank you note to a friend.
#247. Spent several hours devising a creative plan to accommodate 53 applications for kindness initiative.
#246. Helped put back some chairs that had been moved around at the Duck Pond.

#245. Said “Bless You” while walking passed a stranger when he sneezed (he looked up surprised, smiled and said “Thank you!”)

#244. Kept my word (bike man)

#243. Smiles and said good morning to a stranger.
#242. Supported hs freshman football team with donation/coupon card
#241. Started recruiting process for kindness initiative at kids’ school.
#240. Packed kindness notes in kids’ lunch boxes
#238. Sent flowers to a friend to wish her a speedy recovery.
#237. Didn’t honk at person in front of me who was texting at light when it turned green.
#236. Used recyclable bag at grocery store
#235. Working with a stranger to carry out a top-secret RAK

#234. Bought a dozen bottles of glue for science teacher. We ran into him at the store a week ago and he was buying school supplies with his own money.
#230 – #233: first day of school survival kits
#229. Put a few stranded carts away in BJ’s parking lot.

#228. Completed an online survey for recent car service.

#227. Let someone in traffic at awkward intersection (the person behind us did too!)

#226. Gave books to a friend.
#225. Held the door for a few people at eye dr appt (every single one said “thank you”)
#224. Threw away someone else’s garbage.

#223. Brian and I tipped a street musician and gave him two YAB “You Are Beautiful” stickers (one to keep, one to give away). : )

#222. Donated to Louisiana Floods/Red Cross efforts.

#221. Picked up garbage out in front of our favorite ice cream shop before it opened.

#220. Gave a donation to a teacher for her school supplies purchases.

#219. Left a small DQ gift card for the next customer.

#218. Gave a little extra tip at a restaurant.

#217. Paid a compliment to a stranger on her sundress (she was totally surprised and her face lit up).

#216. Made a promise to kids’ science teacher that I would purchase a dozen bottles of glue for him for the first day of school.

#215. Paid a compliment to a stranger.

#214. Gave cold water bottles to landscaping crew.

#213. Bought a bag from a friend’s online shop (kindness to self).

#212. Treated two friends to Bad Moms.

#211. Held door for a bunch of people leaving the movie theater.

#210. Started recruiting team Choosing Grace.

#209. Printed out and delivered important paperwork for neighbor.

#208. Made a donation to an important cause.

#207. Listened. While rushing to get a bunch of items checked off my to-do list, stopped to enjoy a nice conversation with one of the workers at Stop and Shop. He shared that he hasn’t had a vacation in years, he is estranged from some of his family members and he feels stuck in his job. After he finished, he said he knew I couldn’t do anything but he was thankful that I just listened.

#206. Sent a note to friend to thank her for a great gift.
#205. Asked manager to turn down volume when everyone in the theater was plugging the ears from deafening sound. She checked on us later to make sure it was okay.
#204. Sent a “thank you” note to the shelter with pictures of our new pup, Jack, in the hopes that they would share with his first owner.
#203. Gave a nice tip for great service.
#202. Adopted our sweet Jack from the animal shelter.

#201. Donated dog toy to animal shelter.

#200. Paid a compliment to a stranger.

#199. Bought supplies for homemade dog toys-kids delivered some to local shelter.
#198. Left a cold bottled water for our mailman.
#197. Left cash and kindness note in vending machine.
#196. Fixed flower pot at a grave site.
#195. Sent a thank you note for a most awesome RAK that someone gave to me.
#194. Delivered Blessing Bag to a homeless man.
#193. Delivered Blessing Bag, water and ice cooler to homeless woman and her friends.
#192. Bought water and ice to accompany “Blessing Bags”.

#191. Bought supplies and started packing “Blessing Bags.

 #190. Let lifeguard at pool borrow sweatshirt because it got really cold when sun went down (and she is on shift until 10pm)!

#189. Complimented someone’s hairdo.

#188. Rolled cart in middle of parking lot back to cart “garage”.


#187. Bought a Streetwise from a gentleman in the neighborhood.

#186. Cleaned up bathroom (picked up paper towels, wiped down counter) at movie theater bathroom.

#185. My friend, Kim, and I helped turned over a pot that had flipped over on Central Street.
#184. Dropped off goodie bags at the 24th police district.
#183. Helped a lady get a straw wrapper off her shoe.
#182.Kite mission (left a kite and kindness note in a bike basket).
#181. Kite mission (left a kite and kindness note at a newspaper stand).
#180. Spread bubble joy at park (left a bubble wand with a kindness note at the park).
#179. Spread bubble joy at park (left a bubble wand with a kindness note at the park).
#178. Wrote a positive message/review for the nicest Uber driver. We took a very late car and he put on a movie for the kids and was just a very careful and consciousness driver.
#177. “Inspired” kids to pick up trash at Arlington Race Track. : )
#176. Helped a woman get back into workout room to get her keys she left behind.

#175. Cleaned up some trash in workout room.

#174. Bought ice cream treats for police officers.

#173. Held the bathroom door (lock was broken) for a stranger at a rest stop. (RAK of the Week)

#172. Left a “You Are Beautiful” sticker at a rest stop.

#171. Donated dog food to animal shelter.

#170. Hauled a bunch of carts into Target when they were all out (it’s a lot harder than it looks!).

#169. Gave a nice tip (and a NoochieRAKs card) to a man who made bubble art in Central Park.

#168. Unlocked car door between train cars so passengers could get through (it accidentally locked between other passengers).

#167. Re-registered to serve on AFSP’s Chicago Walk Committee.

#166. Donating riding clothes (helmets, boots, pants, gloves) to Salko farm.
#165. Refinished and re-purposed a piece of furniture (self-kindness).
#164. Wrote a thank you note to someone who helped me with a favor.
#163. Met with a former student to help him write an essay.
#162. Picked up magazines and restocked them at Barnes and Noble check out line.
#161. Gave a hostess an iTunes gift card when she offered to charge my phone (she tucked my phone safely inside the front pocket of her own purse to keep it safe).
#160. Gave a homeless man a few dollars.
#159. Gave a homeless man kindness note and a little cash at Grand Central station.
#158. Teacher and faculty end of year thank yous.
#157. Gave a family free stuff at garage sale.
#156. Brought guinea pig for play date (yes-this really happened)
#155. Gave furniture to a family.
#154. Cleaned up fitting room (someone left clothes in a crumpled mess. I put them on hangers and hung up on rack outside room).
#153. Served at 7am mass, despite wanting to stay home.
#152. Cleanup yard/helped landscaping crew.
#151. Gift card for landscaper, Eric, for his birthday.
#150. Gift card for soccer coach, Todd.

#149. Bear in tree (“rescued” a teddy bear lying in the road).

#148. Took a quick online survey for a friend.
#147. Let someone in (in traffic) when no one else would (she actually held up traffic by rolling down window to say thank you).

#146. Delivered goodies to new puppy.

#145. Ding dong DOG (delivered a belated “welcome puppy” basket to some friends)
#144. Wrote thank you notes.
#143. Returned a random shopping cart in the parking lot to the store
#142. Gave a few new pets a new home through adoption.
#141. Wrote TWNMLL letters.
#140. Asked our waitress to let the chef know that his salmon wrap special was AWESOME! (She greatly appreciated the feedback bc they’ve never had that on the menu).
#139. Let a nice tip for the maid service at Hotel.
#138. Helped hold a door for a man who was pushing his grandma in a wheelchair.

#137. Picked up a new addition for Goldie’s tank.

#136. Celebrating Goldie (our FIVE-year-old goldfish).
#135. Wrote four letters for TWNMLL: The World Needs More Love Letters http://www.moreloveletters.com
#134. Complimented a woman on her sweatshirt (the back had angel wings) in a parking lot. She turned around surprised and thank me over and over again. :o)
#133. Made eye contact, smiled and said “Good Morning” to a couple of people on the way out of the store (they all smiled and said “Good Morning” back to me).
#132. Donated t-shirts to school for tie dye project.
#131. Gave someone a compliment at the doctor’s office (she complimented me right back).

#130. Stop and Shop cards were donated in honor of Joan Berg and @NoochieRAKs.

 #129. Registered team for ice cream eating contest to benefit The Cancer Couch Foundation.

#128. Helped a woman with a baby stroller get through a doorway.

#127. Gave up seat at airport so a family could sit together.

#126. Kids helped me hand out waters to the landscaping crew who was helping with our spring clean-up.


#125. Gave flowers to our neighbor and her caretaker for Mother’s Day.

#124. Let someone ahead of me in traffic.

#123. Donated a couple of gently used toys to Good Will.

#122. Assisted with a school project.

#121. Helped a girl who was left alone in movie theater (brother was working/taking tickets and babysitting at the same time).

#120. Sent a birthday card to a boy whose family requested them.

#119. Wrote TWNMLL: The World Needs More Love Letters (x3)

#118. Treated myself to yoga and mani/pedi (RAK of the Week).

#117. Gave a little extra tip at the nail salon.

#116. Complimented a stranger’s outfit in the parking lot. She was taken aback smiled and said “thank you, this old thing?”

#115. Gave a Starbucks gift card to another favorite employee at Stop and Shop. He wasn’t there on Noochie’s birthday (the original plan). When I told him the card was for him in honor of my nephew and the kids’ cousin, he said, “I normally wouldn’t accept this, but I will because it’s in honor of your nephew.” I thanked him for accepting it and said that there were many days when his kindness turned my day around. He couldn’t believe it and said he was close to tears. He was going to give me a hug, except he had Poison Ivy all over his arms, so we “air” hugged. :o)

#114. Exposed kids to culture: Prince’s music and Purple Rain. (RAK of the Week)

#113. Earth Day activities: clean-up at duck pond with kids and their friends.

#112. Earth Day activities: helped kids and their friends plant pots with sweet pea and forget-me-not seeds. I told them the Cliff’s notes version of The Money Tree and A Sweet (Pea) Memory on this Earth Day…. We also said an Earth Day prayer, thanks to Sr. Terri!

#111. Made Earth Day pots for front office staff at kids’ school.

#110. Sent a note of encouragement to someone.

#109. Donated our old dining room table and chairs to someone who just moved into an apartment.

#108. Donated kids’ clothes to Good Will.

#107. Re-shelved food items at store.

#106. Wrote and delivered thank you notes to neighbors.

#105. Cleaned up paper towels that were all over the floor at subway/rest stop.

#104. Helped lady who was cleaning up garbage at a rest stop.

#103. Gave a nice tip to server at Cubs game.

#102. Gave money to a homeless man outside of Walgreens.

#101. Held the elevator door for someone loading construction materials.

#100. Sent a Facebook message to teachers who have made an impact on my life.

#99. Let someone else use the treadmill.

#98. Complimented a stranger on his (awesome) cowboy hat.

#97. Cleaned off counter at rest stop.

#96. Donated gently used clothes to Good Will.

#95. Wrote an encouraging note to a friend.

#94. Donated dog treats to pet shelter.
#93. Re-shelved cleaning supplies sitting in middle of aisle.
#92. Paid a compliment to a stranger at Stop and Shop.

#91. Wrote a letter for TWNMLL: The World Needs More Love Letters.

#90. Wrote a letter for TWNMLL: The World Needs More Love Letters.

#89. Picked up and re-shelved a loaf of bread.

#88. Donated to find for Nauti Dolphin delivery man

#87. Donated to ALW Endowment Fund

#86. Gave a little extra tip to the delivery man (Chinese food).
#85. A young woman was nervously going through her purse in one of the self-checkout lanes at Target when I walked up. It turned out she short 10 cents on her transaction. When I gave the dime to her, she thanked me over and over again. :o)


#84. Wrote three letters for TWNMLL | The World Needs More Love Letters.

#83. Surprised a former teacher with Starbucks gift card when we saw her in line at the grocery store.

#82. Gave a gift card to a Stop and Shop employee at Starbucks.


#81. Helped a student with his service application essay.

#80. Let a woman who was in a hurry go ahead of me in line at Barnes&Noble.

#79. Donated to AFSP (Mrs. Montana will run a half marathon).

#78. Delivered St. Patrick’s Day treats to friends, neighbors and teachers.
#77. Sent St. Patrick’s Day cards to friends.

#76. Helped a neighbor who was struggling with an online form.

#75. Took gently-used toys to Goodwill.

#74. Left some scratch-off lotto tickets on a couple of cars at Goodwill.

#73. Picked up the trash (a redux)

#72. Picked up trash at the duck pond.

#71. Gave Emma Starbucks gift cards to give to others on her birthday.

#70. Write letters for RAK-mental health unit: Cards to Inspire.

#69. Gave extra tip to car wash attendant.

#68. Let someone pull ahead of me in traffic.

#67. Wrote letters for TWNMLL | The World Needs More Love Letters.

#66. Held the door open for a woman (who then held the next door for me and my children :o) )

#65. Cashed in a couple birthday scratch-off tickets and gave one to the lady behind the counter.

#64. Let a person go ahead of me at deli counter.

#63. Picked up trash in a store parking lot.

#62. Kept my word (went to tentative appointment @car dealership).

#61. Held the door for someone.

#60. Wrote a letter of encouragement.

#59. Volunteered at children’s school.

#58. Bought a treat for our pup, Jane.

#57. Smiled and greeted several people at Stop & Shop.

#56. Moved a shopping cart back into store

#55. Helped a woman pull her carry on out of the overhead bin.

#54. Left a kindness note in the airport bathroom.

#53. Gave a little extra tip for extra great service (Centro).

#52. Brought dinner to a friend who just had a baby.

#51. Gave chocolate to a conductor on Metro North (NYC to Fairfield).

#50. Cell phone dropped-told the (sleeping) gentleman who didn’t realize it.

#49. Put garbage can lid back on trash can (instead of walking by it)

#48. Gave a big tip to the dog groomer

#47. Dropped off Jane at groomers

#46. Offered my table at Starbucks to a couple who was looking for a spot to sit.

#45. Brought champagne to a friend who just completed 8 rounds of chemo.

#44. Mailed a Valentine to a friend who has shown me a lot of love.

#43. Wrote a note of congratulations to one of the classroom teachers for a job well done on school newspaper.

#42. Picked up boxes that a person dropped in front of me at BJ’s.

#41. Delivered flowers to a friend.

#40. Paper clipped a scratch off ticket to the seat of the grocery cart I was using and then left in the parking lot.

#39. Covertly snuck a lotto ticket with a “good luck” note and NoochieRAKs card in the pocket of one of the guys stocking shelves during my early Sunday morning grocery run.

#38. Made a donation to St Baldricks.

#37. Struck up a brief conversation with a stranger about the weather (neither of us was wearing coats in February) and wished him a “good day!”

#36. Left a lotto scratch-off ticket in a journal at Home Goods.

#35. Penny Challenge (found pennies and other coins for kids).

#34. Letter writing: TWNMLL |The World Needs More Love Letters.

#33. Wrote and mailed thank you notes.

#32. Baked and delivered chocolate chip cookies for our neighbor and her caregiver.

#31. Birthday Acts of Kindness: Left scratch-off tickets at the gas pump : )

#30. Sent a cookie bouquet to friends.

#29. Brought dinner to a special family.

#28. Waved at a stranger.

#27. Delivered snow brushes to neighbors during snowstorm.

#26. Donated to veterans foundation.

#25. Donated gently used coats and snow pants that I was holding onto for sentimental reason to Goodwill.

#24. Donated to a cause for my cousin’s daughter.

#23. Became an Eucharistic Minister at our Parish.

#22. “Ding Dong” Donut to my neighbor.

#21 Put kindness post it notes on random car (Melting Pot).

#20. Mailed a card to a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

#19. Sent a funny picture to a friend.

#18. Bought manicure for someone (on mom’s birthday).

#17. Sent an encouraging note to someone.

#16. Didn’t honk (or swear!) when someone cut me off in traffic. Sometimes silence is a good acts of kindness. :o)

#15. Sent email to a former boss who inspired me.

#14. Supported CT and CA Girl Scout Troops.

#13. Donated books to Wonderland Book Savers.

#12. Wrote a positive review for Target in Trumbull, CT.

#11. Shared the book with friends.

#10. Bought a book for myself (sometimes it’s good to be kind to yourself).

#9: Wrote love notes and placed in children’s lunch boxes.

#8. Sent an email complimenting a friend first thing in the morning. (http://www.sayplease.com)

#7. Stepped out of my comfort zone – took off headphones and talked with stranger on Go Shuttle.

#6. Thanked a first-time Uber driver with a Starbucks gift card for getting me to the airport safely and on time.

#5. Picked up trash in a parking lot.

#4. Left a Starbucks gift card with a NoochieRAKs card and YAB (You Are Beautiful) sticker in the safety brochure on the airplane.

#3. Donated gift cards to Bridgeport residents displaced by fire.

#2. Gave a compliment to a stranger.

#1. Donated to the Vanessa Rich Leadership Fund at the National Head Start Association.