the red door, the treetop fairy and anam cara

the treetop fairy's red door
the other red door

anam cara: “…you are joined in an ancient and eternal union with humanity that cuts across all barriers of time, convention, philosophy and definition. when you are blessed with an anam cara, the irish believe, you have arrived at that most sacred place: home.” ~john o’donahue

Early this morning, I received a text from my friend, Colleen. Because she lives on the west coast and we are on the east, many times I wake up to sweet messages from my “anam cara” or soul friend. In this text, Colleen messaged that she had just read “the gift” and that she had chills. She had never heard the story of the treetop fairy. However, a week ago, she had ordered this kit with the red door (pictured above) because “…if you couldn’t take the original, the kids could at least have a fantasy one in the yard.”

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Ever since it became clear that we would have to sell our family home, Colleen has joked that she’s chaining herself to our front door. The red door. Only, if you know Colleen, you also know she AIN’T joking. I am fully prepared to see her, and others (Mary, Linda, Inga, Amy, Polly, Krissie and Cris to name a few…), shackled to the door when we close on the house in 17 days (not that anyone’s counting!).

I cannot stop staring at the treetop fairy’s red door. It makes me smile.

I imagine the fairy, who we’ll call A.C., would have had lots of adventures behind that red door. Some of those adventures might include an open phone book, a Garfield phone and HOURS of entertainment (they were the social networking site before there were sites!). There might also be a bottle of vodka and cream soda (“If they replace the vodka with water, no one will notice, right?” WRONG!) and more phone calls. AC might even decide that she doesn’t care if only men can be priests, because (dammit!) she’s baptizing Mr. Meow in the family’s antique christening gown, complete with torchbearers, choir (and claws!), before her mom gets home from work. AC and the treetop fairy crew might even have to knock on that red door at 11:00pm  after being escorted home in a paddywagon for violating curfew (and possibly holding a wine cooler?).

AC’s one WILD AND CRAZY fairy.

However, behind all the craziness and shenanigans, AC and her ever-growing treetop fairy crew can also be serious, quiet and the best listeners. They are the most loyal, loving, fun and kind soul friends there ever were…

So…Colleen’s other red door will be placed on a big oak tree in our backyard. I’ll check on it regularly to make sure Bailey and Jane don’t get too curious about AC and her crew.

I will smile and remember.

I will then look forward to many new adventures because “the crew” is already home.

And that is a gift.

One thought on “the red door, the treetop fairy and anam cara

  1. “I believe that one can never leave home. I believe that one carries the shadows, the dreams, the fears and the dragons of home under one’s skin, at the extreme corners of one’s eyes and possibly in the gristle of the earlobe.”
    Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter

    AC sounds like a fun fairy. I bet she’ll have little chains for that little red door, too.

    I love my soul friend.


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