The First Fifteen!


Sometimes it’s hard to see the bright side of things.

That’s one of the many reasons I am so grateful for this project. Despite the post-holiday blues, a virus that’s been plaguing our household for weeks and just really missing some important people, kindness has become a bright spot in each day.

Here are the first 15 Acts of Kindness that I’ve completed (only 350 more to go!):

15. Supported local and not-so-local Girl Scout Troops.

#14. Sent an email to a former boss who inspired me.

#13. Donated gently-used books to the Wonderland Book Savers

#12. Wrote a positive review for Target in Trumbull, CT.

#11. Shared that same hilarious book with friends.

#10. Bought a hilarious book for myself (sometimes it’s good to be kind to yourself).

#9. Secretly hid “love” notes in our kids’ lunchboxes.

#8. Sent an email complimenting a friend first thing in the morning. (This was inspired by a LunchBox Love Family Kindness daily email #LBLKindnessChallenge

#7. Stepped out of my comfort zone.

#6. Thanked a first-time Uber driver with a Starbucks gift card for getting me to the airport safely and on time.

#5. Picked up trash in a parking lot.

#4. Left a Starbucks gift card with a NoochieRAKs card and YAB (You Are Beautiful) sticker in the safety brochure on the airplane.

#3. Donated gift cards to Bridgeport residents displaced by fire.

#2. Gave a compliment to a stranger.

#1. Donated to the Vanessa Rich Leadership Fund at the National Head Start Association.

#365ActsofKindness #NoochieRAKs



❤️This starts today.❤️

It isn’t so much of a new year’s resolution, as it is a commitment to continuing what we started with NoochieRAKS: Noochie Random Acts of Kindness.

Today I am asking for your continued support as I take on this new challenge. I promise not to fill up your newsfeed with too many posts, but I will provide updates because I’m worried I cannot do this alone, I know that action begets action (kindness inspires kindness), and I’ve heard from so many people, both near and far, that they were helped by all of our efforts.

Thank you for your never-ending words of encouragement, thoughtful messages, creative ideas and your many, many acts of kindness.

I am so very grateful.


Kindness Project FAQ’s:

  • What are the goals of the #365ActsofKindness project?
    • To complete 365 random and not-so-random acts of kindness throughout the year
    • To help make people feel less alone
    • To bring awareness to suicide prevention, a cause that is of utmost importance to me, my family and many, many others
  • What are some examples of Acts of Kindness?
    • Smile at a stranger
    • Holding the door for someone
    • Writing a note and putting it in my children’s lunchbox
    • Giving someone a compliment
    • Paying for a person’s coffee at Starbucks
    • Recycling, Reusing, Repurposing
    • Thanking our kids’ teachers
    • Donating to a favorite cause
    • There are so many more – many of which do not cost a cent!
  • Why post about this?
    Many people do nice things every day, multiple times a day and don’t ever feel like they need to announce it. This is true for me too! However, the kindness communities to which I belong, emphasize the importance of sharing this information as these acts inspire others to take action. Also, it’s easy to forget sometimes that there is so much goodness in the world…who doesn’t like to see a little good news every once in a while?
  • Where will the completed Acts of Kindness be posted?
     In an effort to spread the kindness and not overwhelm one social media platform (or your newsfeed), I will post updates on Facebook (either my page or the NoochieRAKs community page), Twitter and occasionally update this blog site. I will also try to organize the information by using the hashtags: #365ActsofKindness and/or #NoochieRAKs
  • How often will the Acts of Kindness be posted?
     If I can be perfectly honest, I really have no idea how often I’ll be able to complete these Acts of Kindness. There may be days when I accomplish one-two a day, but may be there days when I don’t have any acts of kindness. Another reason that I think posting about this will keep me honest and motivated.
  • Where did you get the idea for the #365ActsofKindness Project?
     There are many similar projects taking place all over the world that have inspired me. However, I was the lucky recipient of an Act of Kindness (#353, I think) from Rachelle Jervis, AFSP Regional Director. Following her 365 Acts journey and then receiving her act of kindness were huge gifts that arrived at just the right time. Lastly, I am inspired by MANY (you know who you are!) friends and family who have completely surrounded me with love and grace throughout my life, and especially over the last six months.